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History & Foundation

Khalifa Al Khatri advocates Advocates and Legal Consultants


Khalifa al Khatri Advocates & Legal Consultants Law Firm was established in Sharjah in 2012 by Mr. Khalifa al Khatri founder and lawyer .The Attorney Mr. Khalifa Al-Khatri has graduated in 2005 FROM DUBAI POLICE ACADEMY in United Arab Emirates. gained enriched experiences thought his career beginning from ex-former military pilot with the rank of general for interior ministry fore more than twenty years services and thereafter for a period of two years held the membership in the board of Sharjah municipality. And head of Center for Dispute Resolution in Al Dhaid Municipality. Khalifa al Khatri Advocates & Legal Consultants has gone from strength to strength, and boasts a large national and international practice operating in Sharjah, UAE as a part of “PRAE LEGAL” which is a Global Network of international prestigious law firms widespread throughout the world, with a primary objective to develop and facilitate local as well as global law applications, focusing on enhancing communication amongst law firms and aiming to meet the needs of their clients. Khalifa al Khatri Advocates & Legal Consultants’ is proud to collaborate with several law firms spanning across the five continents covering 150 countries and be a member of “PRAE LEGAL” Network. Khalifa al-Khatri advocates performance and work ethics are soundly based on the strong combination of local expertise, coupled with international standards and ethics. Moreover, at Khalifa al-Khatri advocates and legal consultants, we pride ourselves on providing excellent legal services and business consultancy solutions both on an international level as well as the Local level and offer financially viable options to rates for both businessmen and individuals. Khalifa al-Khatri advocates have developed a successful global network of expertise to meet the demands of modern commerce. Our multi-disciplined approach gives our clients a global network of expertise and furnishes them its up-to-date global business solutions. Commercial awareness and strong business acumen are paramount amongst our team of legal experts. We take the time to get to know each one of our clients’ business, issues and concerns and look at the current markets, and beyond to achieve a meticulous, seamless process in achieving their business goals and aspirations as well as finding an appropriate legal solution to each issue.