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Legal studies & researches & restructuring of commercial companies & establishments

In the field of Legal studies & researches & restructuring of commercial companies & establishments :  By virtue of effective use of our legal  , administrative & scientific resources to render and come up with best and most appropriate solutions, our office constantly complies researches , analysis and legal studies in vital fields which are of paramount interests to our clients the matter which enrich our practical experience with advanced legal researches based on mythology of research in order to enhance the value and effectiveness of the legal recommendation and proposals which we offer to our clients in connection with thorny  legal cases in cooperation with versed jurists & legal consultants.

  1. Holding of conferences and meetings from time to time to discuss the above-mentioned matters.
  2. Drafting of replies, short Agreements e.g. Settlement Agreements.
  3. Telephone advice for urgent matters.
  4. Whenever it is asked by the Second Party, the First Party shall provide the Second Party with a resume of regulations which are promulgated from time to time by the Government of United Arab Emirates which concern the activity of the First Party.
  5. Representing the Second Party before the Rental Disputes Centre of or any other quasi-judicial authorities in the Territory.
  6. Filing Police Cases and/or Criminal Cases before the Public Prosecutor and Criminal Courts in respect of dishonored Cheques and other matters. However, the First Party hereby reserves its right to decline representing the Second Party in certain Criminal Cases that may be filed against the Second Party.
  7. Representing the Second Party in Arbitration proceedings.